We are the Largest Class III Supplier in the
San Angelo Area

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the widest selection of quality suppressors in the area. We carry all your favorite brands and provide fingerprint services, photographs, and trust setups.

Not only do suppressors help prevent hearing damage for avid shooters but they can also give you the edge when hunting varmints and small game. While we may have the tools, knowledge and expertise needed to install most suppressors, we cannot bore-thread at our facility.

Come in and see what we have to offer today, shoot us an email here or give us a call at 325-949-0020.
Just some of the great suppressor brands we carry:
• Q
• Silencer Co.
• Dead Air
• Thunder Beast Arms
• Rugged Suppressors
• Texas Silencer Company
• Energetic Armament
• Sig Sauer
• Griffiin Armament

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From rifles to shotguns, handguns and more we strive to offer the widest selection of arms in the San Angelo area. Give us a call or email us if you would like to ensure the item you are looking for is in stock.

• Long Rifles
• Carbines
• Shotguns
• Handguns
• Class III
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You can only shoot as far as you can see, so come on in and grab yourself a new optic. Or maybe your interested in grabbing some magazines and fresh targets for some practice? No matter your need we have you covered.

• Long Range Optics
• Short Range Sights
• Reloading Materials
• Magazines
• Targets
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